Happily Retired - Front Cover

What will you do with the rest of your life?

Working life can feel like running a marathon. Retirement feels like running over the edge of a cliff. First comes a feeling of release . . . flying . . . then just a bit of panic.

This book will help you deal with what’s next. Discover practical steps to:

  • Create a retirement uniquely suited to your personality and needs
  • Assemble the essential building blocks of happiness
  • Uncover new possibilities
  • Re-invent your life.
  • Have fun!

This book is NOT about financial planning, therapy, or buying an R.V. It is NOT a tidy one-size-fits-all.  It IS about creating a happy retirement.  Happily Retired will help you get it right in your own unique way.

Canadian Edition ISBN  978-0-9811916-0-7

US Edition ISBN   978-0-557-05791-7

EBook Format ISBN  978-1-257-17191-0

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