Feb 27

lsI have just found out about another independent bookstore closing.  A number of years ago I read a story about a longstanding bookstore in Halifax closing.  The owner indicated that he knew the writing was on the wall when a package from Amazon.com arrived on their premises.  The package was addressed to someone renting an apartment upstairs, but it was inadvertently opened by bookstore staff.  The book was one they had on their shelves.

I love the convenience of being able to order books online – with their endless inventory.  But I will miss the rich experience of being able to go into a local bookstore and browse the shelves. I think this is an especially rewarding thing to do in smaller communities where the bookstore is also often a social hub.  Already there are too few opportunities for bumping into acquaintances and interacting with real people in the marketplace.  I probably sound like a grumpy retiree – but I know many young people who also lament the disappearance of independent bookstores.

On the plus side, I am kind of glad most of those video stores have disappeared.  Things like Netflix and video-on-demand are WAY more convenient once you figure them out.

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