Dec 04

I’ve accumulated a lot of 3 ring binders with my journalling over the years. I notice that I tend to write a lot during difficult times and transitions, but less during the good times. As a result, I fear that anyone reading them in the future would get a very distorted impression of my life.

What do I do with all this material? I hate to throw it all out. I’m not likely to reread it. As mentioned above, I’m not at all sure I want to leave them for others to read.

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2 Responses to “Journals – good idea but …”

  1. Linda says:

    I had a computer “melt-down” in December. As a result, I am having to reinstall a lot of software I had on the old computer. One program is a journaling program (called “The Journal”) which I had previously used for just keeping notes here and there about music, books, ideas, etc. The new version of this is much more robust than the older version, so I will go with that and have decided to use it to do more actual journaling.

    The software is worth knowing about for folks like me — who are interested in journaling, but tend to get bogged down with the physical process of writing. I know that journaling on a computer is not the same as expressing yourself in handwriting, which probably offers a different set of benefits, but for me it is a good solution. In times of stress or transition, entries would naturally be more in depth — but at other times, a short note or two about the days events can do the trick.

    As a result of having this program, I have started subscribing to their e-mail discussion about journaling. A few people have been journaling for 40+ years. I have some catching up to do.

  2. jchahal says:

    the software would have the added advantage of not taking up a lot of shelf space.

    Do you foresee ever letting anyone else read your journals?

    Do you ever go back over what you have written?

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