Apr 09

What’s your experience as a retiree? We have met people who can’t seem to get past lamenting the loss of their career and others who continue to miss colleagues and the overall “buzzyness” of the workplace.  Still others are delighted to finally have the time and energy to pursue personally meaningful activities – time for hobbies, volunteering and grandchildren.  What’s the secret of a happy retirement?   The answer will be different for everyone, but finding out how others have handled the transition from work to retirement can be a big help.

Join us for an informal get together with other boomer (ish) retirees.  Grab a coffee, ask questions and share your experiences.

The Green Door Restaurant, 198 Main St., Ottawa

2 p.m. on Wednesday, 19 May

Julie Chahal and Linda Lucas, co-authors of Happily Retired  What works . . . what doesn’t,  will get the ball rolling.  The authors have spent a lot of time delving into their own experiences and interviewing other retirees in an effort to understand the issues of retirement and to find out just what makes retirement work.   They will share some of their insights, but the purpose of the “meetup” is to give you an opportunity to share your experiences and meet other retirees.  If you are feeling the loss of connection to your peer group at work or are uncertain about this new stage in life, come to this fun gathering and chat with some like-minded folk.

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  1. jchahal says:

    This was fun and I think we’ll do it again.

    See Linda’s comments from 19 May in the Discussion blog for some of the details.

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